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Lisa's Dance Studio is proud to have an amazing faculty of professional dance instructors who are very passionate about the art of dance. The LDS faculty looks forward to sharing their knowledge, experience, discipline, and contagiously positive energy in every class they teach!



Lisa Jones

Lisa's Dance Studio has been sharing the joy of dance since 1987! Lisa's approach is to teach the basic fundamentals of traditional dance as well as today's contemporary styles.

The studio environment is not just about dancing... it's about making friends, having fun, and enjoying every step along the journey. Lisa keeps things exciting with up-to-date choreography, participating in dance competitions, and sharing what she's learned from the best in the business.

Before opening her studio, Lisa herself was a pro dancer, choreographer, and model. She's graced big stages such as Studio 54, opened for amazing artists like Tom Jones, and sparkled on stage at events like the Boston Emmy Awards. From commercials to TV shows and fashion events, Lisa has a wide range of experience.

Her work in the music industry as a choreographer, performer, and manager was the catalyst for nurturing vocal talents within her dance studio... and for being the first in the area to offer Hip-hop classes!

Lisa consistently immerses herself in the art form, seeking inspiration from other dancers, teachers, and choreographers, which makes her studio an incredibly fun place to learn and grow.




Ballet * Tap * Jazz * Hip-Hop / Commercial Dance

Hailing from the vibrant city of Rochester, New York, Julia's dance journey began at the young age of 5. With a passion that ignited early on, she embarked on a diverse dance education encompassing Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Pointe – truly a dancer with many facets.

Julia's devotion to both dance and academia led her to Rider University in New Jersey, where she recently earned her BA in Arts Management. At Rider, her dance enthusiasm flourished as she took on a dance minor and proudly assumed the role of President of the Rider Dance Ensemble, inspiring fellow dancers with her leadership.

Currently, in addition to teaching dance, Julia is attending law school at New England Law, Boston.

Joining our vibrant team in September 2021, Julia's infectious love for teaching infuses her classes with energy and enthusiasm. Through her teaching, she aims to pass on not only her technical expertise but also her genuine passion for dance – a gift that keeps on giving.

With Julia by our side, dance truly comes to life. Her dedication, dynamic background, and genuine love for dance make her an inspiring addition to the Lisa’s Dance Studio family.




Ballet * Tap * Jazz * 
Hip-Hop / Commercial Dance

Jadyn's dance story is one that’s woven deeply into the fabric of Lisa’s Dance Studio. With a remarkable journey spanning over 17 years, she's made her mark as both a dedicated student and a passionate teacher. Jadyn's connection with the studio began at the age of 2 when she took her very first dance steps within our vibrant walls. Over the years, she became a fixture in our dance family, dedicating 17 incredible years to honing her skills in tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theatre.

At the age of 12, Jadyn's journey took a competitive turn, and she stepped onto stages where she would go on to claim numerous awards. Her love for hip-hop dance has always shone brightly. As a teenager, her inclination to share her dance passion grew, prompting her to embark on the path of teaching.

Fast forward to today, Jadyn is an integral part of the Lisa’s Dance Studio faculty. For 3 years, her teaching has illuminated our dance classes with energy and expertise. As a dedicated Dance Team Instructor, she infuses her team with the same spirit that once ignited her journey. Additionally, her versatility shines as she guides students in various classes across the studio.

Jadyn's dance evolution – from a tiny 2-year-old taking her first steps to becoming a beloved teacher – is a testament to her commitment and passion for dance... which are the very qualities that make her an incredible asset to our studio.



Ballet * Tap * Jazz * Contemporary *
Hip-Hop / Commercial Dance 

We are thrilled to introduce Letti, our newest addition to our team of instructors. Originally from Reno, Nevada, Letti's diverse background enriches our studio with a unique tapestry of experiences. Letti's journey in the world of dance commenced early in life, and her dedication over the span of five years molded her into a seasoned competitive dancer. Her commitment and rigorous training at the professional level graced her with the opportunity to shine on stages both regionally and nationally. Notably, her competition appearances in the Bay Area and Las Vegas not only showcased her exceptional talent but also demonstrated her versatility, spanning from contemporary to hip-hop.

Currently pursuing her studies in Boston, Letti is majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Biology. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

We're thrilled to extend a warm embrace to Letti within our dance family. Her presence promises a wealth of experience and expertise, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our studio.




Dance has been a lifelong passion for Arthur!  Born and raised on the South Shore of Boston, Arthur found his calling in the world of dance at the age of 12. With over 40 years of unwavering dedication to the art, Arthur has become a true dance virtuoso. His journey through the world of dance has been marked by incredible achievements and noteworthy experiences.

Arthur's illustrious resume boasts a plethora of impressive credits, including a standout role as "Mark" in the iconic production of "A Chorus Line." His journey extended to enchanting stages like Busch Gardens, King's Dominion, and King's Island Productions, where his talent dazzled audiences and became an indelible part of these renowned shows and productions.

Having dedicated more than 25 years to the realm of dance education, Arthur's influence as a teacher spans an array of dance genres. From Ballroom to Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, and Musical Comedy/Theater, he imparts his vast knowledge and love for dance to his students. His guidance has also nurtured award-winning Competition Dance Teams, with his choreography and teaching excellence garnering special recognition.

Arthur's impact on the dance world extends even further – many of his former students have blossomed into professional dancers, a testament to his exceptional mentorship.

With Arthur Purslow as part of our team, dance isn't just a passion – it's a lifelong journey of dedication and inspiration. His wealth of experience, remarkable achievements, and ability to ignite the dance spirit in others make him an invaluable asset to the Lisa’s Dance Studio family.