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Class Descriptions

(age 2 ½)
This program is an enjoyable combination Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Class which is a half hour divided into 10 minutes of each subject.

(ages 3 & 4)
The Pre-School Program is a combination Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Class specifically designed to exercise the mind and body while developing an interest in dance. The class is 45 minutes divided into 15 minutes of each subject.

(ages 5 & 6)
This program teaches the basic fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz while preparing the student for more intense training. The class is one hour divided into 20 minutes of each subject.

Ballet / Pointe
(ages 7 - 18)
Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful body with fine posture and poise. When appropriate body development and technique have been attained, the student may be advanced to Pointe.

(ages 7 - 18)
Combines the study of rhythm, precision, and fluidity of movement. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase coordination between mind and body.

(ages 7 - 18)
Combines the study of traditional jazz and today's video jazz dance styles as seen in music videos by such recording artists as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Jazz dance gives the student flexibility, strength, and understanding of body alignment.

Lyrical Jazz / Modern / Contemporary 
(ages 7 - 18)
Develops a strong and flexible body with good posture and poise. Includes balancing, extensions, isolations, and controlled movements.

StreetDance / Hip-Hop
(ages 7 - 18)
The study of today's latest Street Dance / Hip-Hop moves used in music videos by recording artists such as Usher. Street Dance / Hip-Hop dancing is an excellent way to increase coordination between mind and body while improving stamina.

World Beat
(ages 10 - 17)
Traditional Dance choreographed with the flavor of Flamenco, Irish Step, or other ethnic Dance styles.

Vocal Groups
(ages 7 - 18)
Students are formed into groups such as those seen in music videos. After practicing vocals, students are taken into a recording studio where they make a professional recording of their song. After their song is recorded, students are taught a choreographed routine to their song.


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